Garment Storage

MPL offer a modular hanging garment storage system to compliment the varying length of different garments.

Mezzanine Flooring for Garment Storage

Mezzanine Garment Storage Istalation. Would some new mezzanine flooring help you to find more space to hang garments and clothes?

By using our Speedrail and Gliderail clothes hanging system on some new or additional mezzanine flooring, you can take advantage of all the available space in your building or warehouse.

The overhead Speedrail system consists of a tubular rail that transfers trolleys which carry hanging garments to and from storage and distribution areas. This greatly improves the transfer and handling efficiency of products around different storage floors.

The Gliderail system consists of a square rail that transfers hanging garments without the need for overhead trolleys. It maximises the storage capacity and is quicker to use with less maintenance.

multi-level hanging garment storage systemImproved handling and transport of garments.
Powered overhead conveyors for easy transport.
Powder coating or bright zinc colour schemes available.

Both the Speedrail and Gliderail system are ideally suited for use and installation on any new mezzanine floors which we can build and install for you in your warehouse.

To discover more, just call John Garside on 0113 834 5592 for more information.